A) Field of Research – Development – Work and Studies

Building and machinery infrastructures’ permit.
> Studies of feasibility.
> Studies on the financing of work from the European Union or from other national programs.
> Consult services in work financing.
> Studies of production of energy, measurements and simulations.
> Work uptake.
> Consult and experience giving in energy and environmental sectors with regard to law
and institutional matters.
> Energy planning and action.
>Building permits, operation permits, machinery installations’ permits κ.λ.π.

B) Construction, Operation and Maintenance Field

Complete installation, construction and interlock of RES work.
> Immediate construction of RES, energy saving and environmental work.
> Work management.
> Maintenance of electromechanical equipment.
> Continuous 24hour telesurveillance and direct retrieval of the operation of RES work.
> Management and operation of work on the production of electricity according to contracts of
production guarantee.
> Construction of metal buildings and special metal applications.
(metal rotary rings, decorative calorifier, etc.)

C) Special applications and services field

Study and construction of innovative systems of heating, cooling, airing.
> Study and effectuation of bioclimatic orientation and low-energy solar buildings work.
> Special foundations with metal rotary rings.
> Metal bases of girderage of photovoltaics and solar panels.
> Services of energy inspections in buildings and infrastructures.
> Publication of energy certificates concerning buildings and infrastructures.
> Creation of units of production of biocarburant (Pellets, Biodiesel).
> Study and installation of units of solar cooling.
> We undertake or participate in studies and constructions of work of water and waste process, production of water via desalination and other specialized electromechanical installations.

D) Trade of innovative materials and infrastructures field

Natty materials of thermal insulation, sound insulation and fire safety from recycled polyester fibres.
> Carbon Fiber, kevlar, Textilbeton.
> Blower Fans JET – FANS.
> Infloor systems of air conditioning.
> Systems of recuperation of heating-cooling.
> High-void Solar Collectors.
> Boilers of biomass and condensates of gas.
> Photovoltaic panels and supporting bases.
> Wind generators and pylons.
> Accumulators.
> Transformers and various peripheral materials.
> Geothermal pumps – alternators.
> Systems of desalination, process and saving of water.
> Systems of infra red radiation heating (Infrarot Heizung).
> Metal stainless meshes for architectural applications.



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