WATTAL Ltd. is a company of planning and effectuation of schemes of exploitation of renewable sources of energy, energy saving and innovative technologies with company headquarters the Craft-based Park of Lakkoma, in the Municipality of Kallikratia of the prefecture of Chalkidiki and constitutes an extension of various German, Austrian, Swiss and other European recognized companies in the field.

The company WATTAL Ltd. was founded by Mechanical Engineers and Civil Engineers of the Engineering School of Patra. Our vision is:
To contribute to the detachment of the economic growth from the use of fossil fuels. >
To promote the progressive suppression of the pollutant non-viable energy. >
To encourage the application of systems of saving energy since this will constitute a motive for a more rational and faster development of the renewable sources of energy .
To develop and put forward innovative technologies with respect to the natural limits of the planet and the humanity. >
To enhance investments in Greece with high medium-term and long-term social, environmental and economic profits with unique safety.
And finally to contribute to the detachment of Greece, in terms of energy, from fossil fuels.

It is particularly activated in the field of renewable sources of energy but it is extended more broadly in the field of energy and environmental innovative technologies. Since 2008 we possess certification ISO 9001:2000 in the field of activities: “Planning, Marketing, Installation and Technical support for systems of production of electric energy from renewable sources”

The main objective of the company is to provide thorough solutions for professional, government-owned and public institutions but also for individuals that aim in the effectuation of investments on energy saving and the protection of the environment. In particular, we address the tourist sector, the manufactures and industries, rural units of production, constructional companies, researchers and consultants of technical issues, private individuals as well as Prefectures, Municipalities and Communities.

The company intends to create a network of regional units in the Greek and the broader Balkan space, which undertake the construction, operation and maintenance with the contribution of the central headquarters of Lakkoma.
The company has already contracted collaborations with official collaborators and representatives in Samos, Limnos, Zakynthos, Crete and moved even forward in 2007 to the foundation of the affiliate company WATTAL PRO with company headquarters at the city of Pristina, in Kosovo.



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